Web Presence
GDT Consultants understands the possibilites of the Internet as an extension to a companies budgeted marketing plan. Offering basic e-Newsletters to complex e-Marketing campaigns, GDT Consultants delivers results.

Developing e-Newsletters to enhance your business is a cost effective advertising vehicle. Newsletters are one of the best forms of keeping your name in front of the of your clients, your associates, and others that may be in your target market.

GDT Consultants provides low-cost solutions for companies with limited marketing budgets, as well companies that want to reach larger distribution lists.

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Your website is more than a information portal reaching millions of potential customers. Many existing websites are not designed effectively to obtain qualified leads. GDT Consultants designs websites with a focus on eMarketing complimenting your marketing efforts, not competing with it.

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eCommerce + Company Branding Solutions
If you're business is looking to develop a unique company identity combining logo, letterheads, advertising and a eCommerce website, our graphics staff offer total solutions. We work with existing businesses looking to rebrand their public image.

We analyze your market presence to identify comparative strengths and weaknesses to determine what marketing approach is right for you. Our goal will focus on what it takes to raise your companies brand recognition while maintaining alignment with established business recognition. Respecting history while looking forward with thought provocative ideas assures retaining the existing customer base while reaching out to potential customers that have yet to find your products and services.
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email: info@gdt-consultants.com