Band Admin Help Home Page

Welcome to your band help home page.

This will be your portal for your instructional help section. Here you will be able to find a step by step directions to guide you through the administration section.

Start by following step 1.

Step 1.

Log into your Band Administration Account.

Step 2.

Add an event. Fill out the title, venue, date, and description fields. These events will display on your view events section as well as your site.

Step 3.

View all Events. Here you will be able to view all events entered in, past and future.

Step 4.

Editing and deleting events. Here you will be able to view your events as well as edit and delete them from your site.

Step 5.

View Administration Panel. Here you will find all of your administration information. Update band information, change password, and contact information.

Step 6.

Expiration Date. At the top of the screen you will find a location that displays the date when your band account will expire.

Step 7.

Viewing band info from band site side.